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Gamescom Loot! Furniture Item & All Races in the Top Hat

So as Gamescom is well underway, many of you know there are WildStar loot codes up for grabs! These are currently EU locked, although I have a funny feeling we will see them at PAX too for the US players. I was lucky enough to… More

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Dev Tracker: J-Tal posts a Rune changes series to the forums!

Posted by J-Tal on 12th August 2014 PART 1 I’ll be making some posts about the upcoming changes to the Rune and Runecrafting systems over the next couple of days/weeks. I’m going to try to break these into bite-size morsels for easier reading and processing… More

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Patch Notes – 13th August 2014

Classes Combat Addressed exploits with instant-casting and charged abilities. Stalker Client should no longer crash when ‘Hold to Continue Casting’ is on while trying to cast ‘Tether Mine’, then casting something else while the Tether Mine targeting telegraph is still visible.   Dungeons Stormtalon’s Lair… More

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The Nexus Report Recap for August 12th, 2014.
Nexus Report

As we’ve seen every week now we are getting the two Twitch livestreams from the Carbine Devs with Tony and Frost hosting while having others join them to talk about certain parts of the game that they work on.  This week we had the following guests on the Nexus Report:… More

Dev Tracker: Timetravel on Attunement Nerfing, Dungeon & Raid Balance!

Many of you have already caught wind of it and we will have a full write up of all the changes shortly but attunement is being changed (for the better in my opinion) and this has caused some controversy within a portion of the community…. More

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Meet Elloa, a YouTube content creator

Elloa is a YouTube personality that has been making WildStar and ESO videos for the last 6 months.  She makes very informative videos on Espers and has her “Rantosaurus” videos talking about different parts she likes and dislikes about the games.  You can see her… More

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Dev Tracker: Anlath talks twitch, bug fixes vs new content & Gamescom loots!

Posted by CRB_ANLATH on 11th August 2014 Thread: TOTAL LACK OF STREAMER SUPPORT IS KILLING THE TWITCH EXPOSURE Some fair feedback here, though I’ll leave the criticism of Tony & Frost’s streams to them, as apart from appearing on the recent WildStar Weekly, I have very… More

Dev Tracker: Viking Noah revisits the Bone drop rates (Crafting)!

Posted by VikingNoah on 7/8/2014 Hi all, @R_oches recently sent a tweet, reminding me this is a topic we haven’t covered in-depth in quite some time: “@vikingnoah Are leather and especially Bone droprates at a place the Devs are happy with? Outfitting is a chore… More

Patch Notes – 7th August 2014

General Corrected a cause of a rare server crash. Fixed a bug which occasionally caused characters to appear devoid of equipment on the character select screen. Installation/Launcher Fixed a case where an “Unknown Failure” message would display when updating. Guilds Fixed a bug that could… More

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Dev Tracker: Muffin Man updates us on PVP issues!

PVP is a huge topic right now with many issues causing players to simply not enjoy it all that much. Carbine are well aware of this and are working towards fixing everything. Muffin Man (Kevin Lee) posted on the official forums to update everyone!  … More