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Episode 2: I’m 50 Now What?

Welcome Nexians to Episode 2 of “I’m Level 50! Now What?”  Episode 1  we talked about some of the things we should be working on for attunement including gathering your 150 Elder Gems and purchasing your key, working on Rep and Silver Adventures.  This episode… More

Carbine Livestream Recap for week of 7.13.2014
Dev Live Stream Feature 980

As we’ve seen every week now we are getting the two Twitch livestreams from the Carbine Devs with Tony and Frost hosting while having others join them to talk about certain parts of the game that they work on.  This week we had the following guests on the streams:… More

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Total Annihilation: PTR PvP Press Event & Daggerstone Devspeak

The Core was lucky enough to be invited as one of the media outlets for the U.S. Public Test Realm (PTR) Event yesterday.  The event pitted Wildstar players against game journalists from MMORPG, GameSpot, IGN, Curse etc. as well as some Wildstar Devs in the… More

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Kill the press! – PTR PVP Press event!

As most of  you know the Public Test Realm (PTR) is currently live with the next content drop for WildStar. It goes by the name Sabotage & contains a brand new battleground to add to the game! To get right to the point, tomorrow there… More

Wildstar Update for July 18th.

Gold Medal changes clarified. Hey all, Thanks for the feedback on yesterday’s changes. I thought I’d pull back the curtain a bit and post about the reasoning behind some of these changes alongside some data to push things along. Firstly, I would like to clarify… More

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PvP Changes Explained for Sabotage Patch
PVP Changes

Meerkat popped into a thread questioning PVP Offense/Defence stat changes and broke down what’s going on behind the scenes with PVP changes in the next patch.   From Poptip: The latest patch notes state… PvP Items Reduced the PvP Offense and Defense granted by Items… More

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July Class Updates
Class Changes

Carbine has been releasing teasers for class updates this week, we will add to this list as the remaining classes see postings.  Keep in mind that many of these changes are being tested in PTR and may change before going live.  That being said, the… More

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PTR Patch Notes for 7.16.2014
7-16-14 PTR

PTR patch information for Sabotage build 1.0.12, updated for July 16th, 2014.   Guilds Fixed a bug that was causing guild achievements that required a full guild group to be granted to guilds with only one member in a group. Guilds and Circles now have… More

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Carbine wants your help on the PTR!
Test Daggerstone PTR

Howdy Cupcakes! We need your help on the PTR once again! We are holding another Focus Test on the PTR. We really like putting the new Daggerstone Pass PvP Battleground and the new PvP-oriented stat changes through the grinder so we can keep on stomping… More

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Patch Notes for 7.16.2014

Patch information for build 6708, updated for July 16th, 2014.   Characters Items When moving a Soulbind-On-Equip item in your inventory, the “Confirm soulbind” dialog will now only appear if the item would become soulbound. Items transferred to the Guild bank now properly validate uniqueness…. More

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